who's your comedian?

See this poll result over the Best Nepalese Comedian that the site recently did. This site in question is the biggest news supplier on the web concerning Nepalese motion picutre industry.

As everyone of us knows, Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya have always acted together. In every type of show in radio or TV, they have appeared together. For us common Nepali people, it has always been "MaHa Jodi", and not just Madan Krishna alone or Hari Bansha alone. Look at all their programmes - Dashain, 216777, Kantipur, Balidaan, Bigyapan, Nepal Bandha, etc. - look at all their programmes that we have always loved. Even today we talk about their programmes in cities and villages alike; and just talking about their programmes brings laughter among the people. The people love Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya as a single unit, not as separate persons. It is almost a fact that if there was just Madan Krishna or just Hari Bansha, then none of them would have become popular as they are today. People would never have loved them if they were separate.

Thus, wasn't it a mistake to list their names separately in this poll? Instead of Madan Krishna Shrestha separate and Hari Bansha Acharya separate, the poll-makers should have kept one single name like "MaHa Jodi" on this list. That way, voters would have provided more votes to this "Jodi" rather than the current statistics of 29.1% separate for Hari Bansha and 8.9% separate for Madan Krishna.

Just think that if Madan Krishna or Hari Bansha happened to read this poll, what would go on in their mind? Think about even the tiniest thought that would appear on their mind after reading this poll - what would they think of the people whom they have always tired to show the reality? It is an undeniable truth that they have always tried to show us our "true" society together, they have always loved us together; they have always acted together; they have always affected together and is this what we give them now - a separate vote? It sounds to me like injustice; even if not a direct one, there IS one.


Yes, you are very true.... MAHA jodi should be kept together... separating them would be like tearing apart the two heroes of nepal who have given us smiles, laughter and education.....

I love MAHA JODI. and i know every nepalese does.
Manu said…
Thanks, eclipsed thoughts for the second "vote". For MaHa Jodi now, it is 2 votes and counting... anyone else?

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