been blogging lately?

Fifty truths about blogging, which you find nowhere to read.

1. If you want to start blogging and have huge amounts of traffic instantly I can recommend one of three things: be an established journalist/opinion maker; be Glenn Reynold's brother; or porn. Otherwise face facts: you've got an awfully big hill to climb.
2. Never get your brother to guest blog for you. Trust me.
3. Before you start, read other blogs and get a feel for what they are like. Then completely forget everything you've read and seen so you can establish a new and distinct voice that will get noticed. This also helps a common problem: a really sucky first post. Trust me.
4. Prepare for the reality that the rest of the world may not share your high opinion of yourself and your site.

Points 5 through 50 follow here.

No wonder, the writer of this list should have got a traffic-jam in his blog-site, at first. It seems that he's been successful in bringing more and more folks to read his posts. Myself, I am wondering about the subject to write up something which is engaging to readers - for example - a list like this.


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