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the ninth post

This is post number 9 of this blog. Some (not so interesting) fire related NINE dates:

999999 BC : Homo sapiens' ancestors might have been thinking whether fire could be created or not.
99999 BC : Homo sapiens might be sure that fire could somehow be created.
9999 BC : Homo sapiens were actually using fire for their daily activities.
999 BC : Homo sapiens might have explored far-away lands by use of portable fire.
99 BC : Homo sapiens might have learnt well that fire could sometimes be harmful.
9 BC : Homo sapiens might have learnt that they could not live without some type of fire.
0 AD : Cities might have been actually burning due to the spread of fire.
9 AD : Homo sapiens might have started to think as to who created fire.
99 AD : Homo sapiens might have been thinking well, actually who created fire.
999 AD : Homo sapiens might have been still thinking as to who actually created fire.
9999 AD : Homo sapiens might actually meet the guy who created fire.
99999 AD : Homo sapiens might just kn…

hieroglyphic "rishi"

... so this is how they wrote my name in the Old kingdom?

Undoubtedly all the TV shows and books and magazines, including all advertising media, which describe Egypt as the land of mystery, the land of the Great Pyramids or that of Pharaohs; and at times culminated by Hollywood or any motion picture industry for that matter, as an interesting subject, Egypt has remained a land yet to explore. Truly, this is an explorer's paradise, or one would simply say: a land for "detectives of knowledge" - one piece of interesting stone here, a scarred statue there, or a wall full of strange pictures of strange creatures - my god, what were those guys thinking, while carving on a wall in a hot summer afternoon in 4500 BC? It definitely takes a wise detective to find out.

Look at the Pyramids, for example - what are those huge structures doing in the middle of the desert? Some say that the site of Pyramids (Giza) was a cultivated, lush green area and the majestic Nile (so called because…


It could be only me but it took some time for me to realize what the logo of Carrefour (supermarket chain) meant - one big white "C".

am I an iVideot?

Read this and check this out.

It seems that the Internet is gradually opening doors to a not-so-entirely new room - watching TV. A few of the tasks everyone ever does daily on the Internet can be generalized into a flexible list of topics like email, news, chat, up/down-load, messaging, blog, infoseek, etc, but... how about watching daily videos?

Some sites like Atomfilms, Youtube and Break have been on the scene for some time now, relaying streaming video transfer around the globe, depending upon user requests. And I can say for sure, that sites like these are great resource for budding Peter Jacksons and Clint Eastwoods, where users can post or watch videos. But for dialup users like me - this is a weep-weep scenario because of the "please-wait-time" during buffering.

Clearly, I remember the day when I was seven or maybe eight and an uncle used to work with a television-like white screen, attached to yet another white box that displayed glowing numbers and he used to write us…

man of multiple id

Sometimes there's nothing you feel like doing online. Today was one of those times and then I quickly found myself generating the following aliases here, soft of fun! This might be particularly useful for wasting-bandwidth.

YOUR FRENCH NAME ISGranville Bonhomme*****************************************************************YOUR ITALIAN NAME ISOttavio Russo**************************************************************************** YOUR MEXICAN NAME ISDon Miguel ************************************************************************
YOUR IRISH NAME ISCian Hughes ****************************************************************************
YOUR JAPANESE NAME ISYoshi Masachika ***************************************************************************
YOUR BRAZILIAN NAME ISFábio dos Santos ***************************************************************************
AMERICAN CITIES THAT BEST FIT YOU60% New York City55% Boston55% Honolulu55% Los Angeles55% San Francisco

the true linux

Do you know how to pronounce "Linux'? Well, why not hear from the creator himself? it seems that Linux was derived from two words [Linus + Minix] - the former one being the name of the creator Linus Torvalds and the latter one, an operating system developed by Andrew Stuart Tanenbaum.

don't read this

It was some years back [1997], we were in a science institute with biology major. While most of our time expected to be on studies, we were playing around with one quite popular piece of software called HammerHead Rhythm Station. It was quite a powerful program capable of engrossing us into hours and hours of practice, with its handy design and beautiful output. Yes, it's all about sound - HH RS produced drum beats, snares, etc. in a progressive manner so that the final output was a piece of musical loop. Well, we played with it for a while and then lost the interest - as usual. Then it was dumped in some corner of a cd-R and forgotten for good. Then in 2003, I was engaged in a sort of expo cum market, where I was required to produce a piece of music for the inaugration. I'm not a musician or anything close to it, but somebody wanted me for the job just because I loved to play with sound all the time with whatever tools I could manage. At that time I used Cooledit 2.0 to do som…