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traditional camera, digital camera, and smartphone camera

Before smartphones and digital cameras, there were … well …cameras! Traditional cameras became near-obsolete around first half of the past decade, but today these mechanical wonders are found at collectors’ rooms and museums. And of course, some might even be at your basement if you’ve been too lazy to properly sort them out. So, for the love of mechanical cameras, this section is dedicated to the proper understanding of the precious devices that ruled the past generation.

1. What is the difference between a smartphone (or digital) camera and a traditional camera?

Traditional cameras made use of films to take photographs, while digital cameras use removable media storage devices as substitutes for film. They are also called film-less cameras. In a digital camera, the light reflected from the photographed subject is converted into a digital image, which can be downloaded directly to the computer.

2. How does a digital camera work?

Digital cameras make use of a sensor, which converts lig…