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futuristic news:the kathmandu post

It's 2088 A.D. and Lunar Presidential Voting is about to begin. On Earth, Uranium is missing from 30 cities across the globe. Zorpians from their homeland are eyeing the rich mineral deposits on Luna; where there has been human settlement for some decades now. There's been forecast of war with Zorpians...blah blah... The story is something like this, I hope you got the point... for which I've prepared some imaginary futuristic news for some daily newspapers. The first one on the series is for The Kathmandu Post. P.S. This work is for fun and recreation, and is in no way intenteded for the mass as authentic.

catchy website

Here are some really time-consuming, mind-blowing, eye-popping, curiously-fantastic web sites that are waiting for your attention.

Balthaser3D RealityEye4UPenguin ClassicsNeoPlanet

Besides this short list, there is a plethora of award winning sites in the main page that might in the least amaze you, lest inspire you.

the first web page

According to Tim Berners-Lee, sometimes cited as the father of the Internet, this is the first web page on the Internet. At a single glance, it looks so simple and yet, today it might require a real web-pundit to define what "simple" means in association with Internet's first web page.

It might not look more than a series of intertwined links (sounds so normal), but looking at the back stage of this mechanism, we should definitely thank Lee for creating such a wonderful medium.

say hi to vista

For over 40 minutes now, I was desperately typing my new entry after a long time. It was about the new version of Microsoft's OS - yes, it's Windows Vista. However, near the end of the post, accidentally the IE window went Back to the CREATE NEW POST page - and I don't feel like typing for another 40 minutes. In a way, it is good because almost everybody now knows about Vista, and nobody might be interested to read about an old topic. Thus, with tribute to Vista, this post ends here.