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your inner geek

Found this link quite engaging. It's a test to test your geekiness. It took some time to complete the test; okay, it took more than 15 minutes to complete this test, but the result is worth viewing. My result was 42.67251% - Major Geek, though I seriously doubt the figure!

84 kbps for 750R

Yeah, 84 kbps night-surfer offer from Wlink with a price tag of 750 Rupees. It's a pathetic comparision with this offer, however, our Kathmandu is a growing city - with its own competitions and infrastructure! So, this is a modest offer from Wlink. Below is a brief telephone conversation with a customer-care lady at Worldlink, where I attempted to subscribe to their BROADband Inernet connection.

Hello. Worldlink?
I need a broadband internet connection - can you transfer the line to the section?
What section?
The section that offers net connection.
It's here.
My friend has taken a 84 kbps night surfer connection. I was wondering if I can have it installed.
It's expired.
Any similar offers?

Honestly speaking, I was fed up at this point because of her limited-words-response. At most, she would speak three or four words in a sentence, and that too, in a curt manner as if she has to pay for every word she spoke. That was enough hearing, so I decided to eat her head.

Are you sing…

home sweet home

After a not so tiresome journey of fifteen hours, am back in Kathmandu now. Really, nothing can beat the feeling of being back home! Now I'll be able to use my USR external modem, I'll be able to stay up late, will be able to cook food after midnight, will be able to get up at eleven, play games at my nvidia card, and celebrate lazy weekends with Nepali speaking friends - oh, what a partifular relief it is for me - to be able to speak Nepali again!

About the climate, yesterday I was in Cairo in the incredible 42 degrees but since today morning I've had to wear a jacket. Yeah, this much cold!