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the symphony of life

This short piece of writing is dedicated to all you leaplings – “You’re Special”.To live content with small means.
To seek elegance rather than luxury,
    and refinement rather than fashion.
To be worthy not respectable,
    and wealthy not rich.
To study hard, think quietly, talk gently,
    act frankly, to listen to stars, birds, babes,
    and sages with open heart, to bear all cheerfully,
    do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual,
    unbidden and unconscious,
    grow up through the common.
This is to be my symphony.- William Ellery Channing Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,,,

open password protected pdf files

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artificial leaf makes fuel from sunlight

The artificial leaf, a device that can harness sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen without needing any external connections, have been developed by a team led by MIT professor Daniel Nocera. Like living leaves, they can convert the energy of sunlight directly into storable chemical form which can be used later as an energy source.The device is in fact a silicon solar cell with different catalytic materials bonded onto its two sides; needing no external wires or control circuits to operate. Simply placed in a container of water and exposed to sunlight, it quickly begins to generate streams of bubbles: oxygen bubbles from one side and hydrogen bubbles from the other. If placed in a container that has a barrier to separate the two sides, the two streams of bubbles can be collected and stored, and used later to deliver power: for example, by feeding them into a fuel cell that combines them once again into water while delivering an electric current.Nocera sees a future in whic…