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origine de la terre

The planet, on which we live and move about, is a huge sphere of radius of about 6400 km, but is itself a small member of the Solar System. Since the Solar System is the only one of its kind, so far known, the origin of the Earth and that of the Solar System as well, must have been due to some unique phenomenon that happened to occur in the Universe during some very remote past.

One of the earliest theories is the Nebular Hypothesis. Though untenable, it enjoyed the confidence of the persons in science for nearly two long centuries and, accordingly, deserves some consideration. The hypothesis assumed that during the very remote past there existed a large, hot, gaseous nebula rotating in space. Gradual cooling of this nebula led to its contraction and increase in speed of revolution about its axis. The equatorial zone of the nebula, therefore, bulged out due to greater and progressively increasing centrifugal force prevailing in that region and ultimately a gaseous ring separated out fr…

calyx, corolla, androecium, gynoecium

Of course the parts of a flower, and they have formulas too!Flowers are the testaments of gentleness, of inspiration, and of love. They help us express what we cannot express in words. Ever wonder what they mean, or what their colours signify?
RED ROSE: Passion, happiness, romance, grace, loveORCHID: Rare beauty, magnificence, refinement, loveCALLA LILIES: Splendid beautyPEONIES: Happy life and marriageHYDRANGEAS: UnderstandingCARNATIONS: Deep love, affection, admirationThis page contains a beautiful slideshow, with more flowers.