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easy ways to keep stress at bay

The article suggesting ways to reduce stress was taken from National Headache Foundation, formerly, National Migraine Foundation | 5252 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60625 | (312).878.7715 | In Illinois 1.800.523.8858 | Outside Illinois 1.800.843.2256

Here are some ways in which you can eliminate stress and lead a better lifestyle.

01. Get up fifteen minutes earlier in the morning. The inevitable morning mishaps will be less stressful.

02. Prepare for the morning the evening before. Set the breakfast table, make lunches, put out the clothes you plan to wear, etc.

03. Don't rely on your memory. Write down appointment times, when to pick up the laundry, when library books are due, etc.  ("The palest ink is better than the most retentive memory." -  Old
Chinese Proverb).

04. Do nothing which, after being done, leads you to tell a lie.

05. Make duplicates of all keys. Bury a house key in a secret spot in the garden and carry a duplicate car key in your wallet, apart f…