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use these easy tricks in photoshop for amazing results

Making a Dull Image Brighter and Sharper

Need to make a low-resolution image sharper and brighter? Duplicate the layer which has your image and under the Filter menu, choose Other > High Pass. Choose the radius according to the resolution of the image. Now in the Layer's palette, choose the Hard Light option under Blend Modes. You could further flatten the image by choosing Layer > Flatten Image. Now see the difference between the new and the original image!

Working with the Healing Brush and Patch Tool

With the Rubber Stamp tool, you can clone pixels from a sampled area and apply them to an area needing correction. However, doing so does not take care of the shadows and highlights of the flawed area. Here comes the rescue. The Healing Brush tool clones the target area by using the texture from the sampled area and then using the colours around the brush stroke as you paint over the flaw. You can sample and heal between two images but you need to make sure they are in the same …