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beautiful design for beautiful lifestyle

Beautiful Life is an online magazine dedicated to all aspects of design, featuring interesting and unique information about creative design, beautiful art and luxury lifestyle. There are a number of excellent design samples, such as a digital mechanic clock that displays time in a very unusual way. With every single minute, a few of the small bars in the numbers move or spread over the black surface to disappear in the frame, while the rest regroup to show the current time.Another one is an interesting "smart" house featuring full automation and ability of independent existence. It has roof covered with solar panels, it can collect fresh water from rains, it has toilets that are connected to the compost container in the basement, where all the organic waste will be converted into clean, dry compost that needs to be removed only twice a year. All functions of the house are monitored by an array of sensors, and regulated by a house brain that can be controlled trough any lapto…

to design for beauty or the beauty of design

It is hard to deny the fact that there is a fine line between design and beauty. An object that has a clever design is undoubtedly an object of beauty, at least in all things natural. Take a shell for example. It has a beautiful structure with all the high and low areas of curvature; or take a flower that has spellbinding vigour! If you are one of those who thinks comparison of design with natural things is futile, then think again. Aren’t human beings natural? Don’t we derive our every inspiration from nature?People at Yanko Design have been working hard, designing better and beautiful things. Browsing through products on their store, I found it difficult to determine which one was an actual product and which one was conceptual. It is recommended to browse through their RANDOM DESIGN section on the homepage.Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,,

microsoft worldwide telescope

Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope is one of a kind software. It acts as a virtual window to the earth and space using a number of telescopes scattered throughout and around our planet. According to its website it is specially targeted towards students and educators; but everyone is invited to take a look at the wonders of our universe, and of course our home.Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,,,