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10 great strategies to save money by mary rowland

Start small and pay off those loans. Here’s a list of ways to stretch your finances and account for every penny.

I have lost the original link but I guess it was taken from an MSN article somewhere in 2003 or 2004. Also, here is a list of books on Amazon, written by Mary Rowland.


Start small
Experts suggest you save 10% of your income. It’s a good goal. But don’t give up just because you can’t save that much. Establishing a savings habit and saving consistently is better than putting aside a big sum just once. Start with something you know you can live with — say, $25 a week. Promise yourself that you will save that much every Friday.

Sign up for the 401(k) plan at work
Contribute up to the amount of the company match, which is the amount your employer kicks in when you contribute. The most common match is 50 cents on the dollar. This gives you an immediate 50% return on your money.

Monitor your ATM withdrawals
Decide how much you will take out each week and make it last. Make …