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set your world in motion

Being a creative professional means making the content you communicate clear, concise, and compelling. You’ve got a lot of techniques at your disposal: color, typography, photography, illustration, and so on. But no technique is more powerful than motion. In reality, the world does not stand still. If you are a graphic or web designer, an art director, commercial artist, photographer, illustrator, a communicator at work, or a fine artist, you see video and motion graphics overlapping in many different ways.

A basic understanding of digital video can help you expand your creative reach. When you show a sequence of still images to a human eye, the brain
 fills in the gaps and perceives continuous motion. Film and video use this same principle to animate photographic images, which appear to fluidly move when shown sequentially at
 an appropriate rate. With similar functions, the difference between film and video is a
 matter of physical media as well as genre. Some audiences believe tha…