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brush up on your ipad glossary

Apple ID This is the name and password you use to log into the various Apple services, such as iTunes, the App Store and iCloud.

App An app, or an application, is a software program designed to perform one or more functions. Apps can be downloaded from the App Store.

App Store The App Store is a digital distribution platform for Apple users. Users are able to browse, purchase and download iPad and iPhone apps from the App Store to run on their device.

Dock The Dock on your iPad is a row of icons that can be set to appear at the bottom of your home screen I the faded block. The Dock is ever-present as you scroll through screens and allows you to access your favourite, most-used apps easily. You can add and remove apps by pressing and holding on an icon until it starts to shake and then dragging it into position.

Game Center Apple’s gaming portal where you can shop for new games, find friends and play against them online or compare high scores.

GesturesThese refer to the finger commands that…