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understand the technology that surrounds you everyday - III

We are surrounded by so much technology everywhere that sometimes we wish we knew better. Without further ado, look at this nifty compilation created for the rest of us. This is the third among three lists that explains the real meaning behind everyday words from the world of technology. First, see the first list of technological terms and the second list of technological terms
Newbie: Slang term for a user who is new on the network. Postmaster: The administrator responsible for resolving any email problems. QuickTime: Apple’s method of storing sound, graphics and movie files which is designed for playback via the Internet. RNA (Ring No Answer): This is the symptom used to describe a modem at a local that rings, but does not pick up the incoming call. SMS (Short Messaging Service): Allows cell phone users to exchange text basedmessages. Short means less than 128 characters when it started out, but as of today it can accommodate 160 characters. Traditional SMS is now nearly displaced by i…