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know your apple glossary - common apple terms

A protocol for streaming sounds and video from an Apple device to a set of compatible speakers, or a device such as an Apple TV. It’s wireless, and easy to use as well.

Short for ‘application’, another name for a computer software program. Apps can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

App Store
The App Store is where you can download free and paid programs to your device using your Apple ID.

Apple ID
This is the email and address and password that you have registered with Apple. It’s required to access many online applications on your Mac, including iTunes, App Store and iBooks.

The opaque strip at the bottom of the screen. Apps in the dock are easy to access and open, and you can customize it to best suit your requirements. Apps that are currently running are also shown in the dock.

You can make video and audio calls to other Apple devices using the FaceTime app. These are made over the Internet so are free unless using mobile data.

The Finder is the Mac’s user i…