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tips for keeping your computer secure

Getting your computer infected by virus is a real headache. In this hyper-competitive world of apps and software, it is indeed difficult to maintain a clean computer system. So, here are some handy tips for keeping your computer secure.

Update all your software and apps regularly.Use a firewall.Install a good antivirus program. Despite all the varieties you find on the market, we suggest you do some research before coming to a decision.Clean up your browsing history, temporary files, and cookies from time to time.Check the settings of regularly used apps for privacy options. Also, you should review and/or revoke authorized apps that you have allowed to run in the past.Keep your passwords strong. A good strategy is to create a password that is at least 12-characters long containing a mix of numbers, characters, and mixed-case letters. Also, it is recommended to change your passwords at least three times a year.If you consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), make sure it has the h…