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simple tweaks to improve performance on an older pc

Before you spend on costly performance upgrades, try these tweaks that promise to turn your aging beige box into a digital hotrod!

1. Boost Memory Speed

Being one of the major bottlenecks in overall performance, a slight boost in memory speed can have a deciding effect on how peppy your PC is. In most modern motherboards, you can adjust the system memory frequency accordingly. Most graphics-intensive software and applications show some increase in performance just by using quicker memory. You can squeeze your system's memory for more juice by lowering the time it takes to respond. Proceed to the Advanced Chipset option and try decreasing Latency Time of RAM.

2. Understand the Cache

A cache, in computer terms, is nothing more than a digital scratchpad used for storing frequently accessed information. It works the same way as memory does, but its lightning fast speed set it so apart, they had to change its name. A CPU sports a dedicated cache where it jots down its calculations. If you …