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Don't feel like writing tonight, probably I'll watch a movie before going to bed although it's already around midnight.

coca cola, is it

I need nothing to say about the drink, except that I've been trying to collect "coca-cola" written in different languages. Did some searches on the net about this, but with very little results. Here it is - the picture.

dude, check this out

dude [dood]noun.Eng (slang)
pluraldudes, origin: uncertain

1. informal way of saying hello
2. slang, calling for a man or a boy; but generally accepted for female gender as well.
3. a man who dresses flashily

I thought why not search about this term which is so useful; so here's a quote below from this paper.

....... dude is an address term that is used mostly by young men to address other young men; however, its use has expanded so that it is now used as a general address term for a group (same or mixed gender), and by and to women. Dude is developing into a discourse marker that need not identify an addressee, but more generally encodes the speaker’s stance to his or her current addressee(s).

Further googling into this word, only to find the following quotes from FINDING NEMO

Crush: Dude? Dude? Focus Dude... Dude?
Crush: Oh, he lives. Hey, Dude!
Crush: Hundred and fifty, and still young, Dude. Rock on.
Crush: Saw the whole thing, Dude. First you were all like "whoa", and we were …

14F - magrabi, mohandessin

This was where a guy/agent took us when we advertised for a "new apartment wanted" to shift:

Central Cairo, fourteenth floor in a 21 storied high-rise.
All fully furnished rooms.
Twelve toilet/bathroom including the attached ones.
Eight bedrooms.
Two 63" televisions including one in the gaming room.
One chic kitchen - which looks more like a hi-tech lab and less like a collection of fridge/stove/oven/washers.
Open space for maybe two hundred people, with luxury sofas.
Four telephone lines, ADSL internet connectivity in every room, and of course multiple electric/phone sockets.
One primary reception for around fifty people.
A wide private office room - something like a personal den with two computers, fax, xerox, answering machine.
Total of twenty one air conditioners.
Eight external recesses with height adjustable glass walls.
One exercise room with irons/treadmills/etc and one tanning bed.

All this with the "Pyramid View" and "will-furnish-more-if-booked" condi…

mondo bongo

Another week has passed lazily. The room is still cluttered, wires are everywhere on the floor with one recently added extension type which I've been using for lamp since Tuesday. Computer, telephone, camera, lamp, clock, cable, internet, oh.. there are a lot of wires everywhere and I have to step upon them every time I move in my room. Today afternoon I sat down to "fix" the place - and found out that it is almost "un-fixable" until I am willing to remove some items. Means, there are only two sockets, 2 pin type. So, for 3-pin stuff like computer, I've been using an extension socket which runs from the door upto the table in another corner - passing across the entire floor. The other socket is on the right hand corner, partially blocked by a huge closet - which I dare not remove from its place; and I wonder why furniture always has to be so uncomfortable to deal with?

And the telephone, it has to be put on the side of the bed because there is no phone socke…

deurali bhanjyang chautari

I was calmly drawing a piece of iron and winamp was playing Scarborough Fair. I tried to imagine the borough in the past, when human settlement was just young over there, how it would have been, like Sarah Brightman was singing - to make a cambric shirt, or find her an acre of land - continued imagining, the rural setting in England with scattered population, small town center, roadside blacksmith with sounds of hammer hitting metal, bullock carts passing on the street, a little uphill forest, sheep grazing, some fenced farms...imagined just like in the books of Thomas Hardy... women and girls wearing long gowns, hens clucking and running on the streets, uniformed horsemen striding around the village... and so on. Finally, Scarborough Fair ended and another number started on the playlist, which was something like: ho....ekadashi bazaarai ma... and I prefer that you not listen to the description of painful effects, such songs have upon our ears under such circumstances. And I want to a…

story behind wmp v11.00

As soon as I learned about the release of Windows Media Player 11, I went to the download section of Microsoft. Always, I want to try out new software – it’s one of the habits I want to change because of the vast amount of time wasted on internet, exploring things like these. I’m telling you, if I had started to write, instead of buying a computer in the first place, then by this date I’d have written a book three times thicker than Lord of the Rings. I'm serious but let's talk business first. So, this time it was the beta release of wmp 11, and some forums on the net discussing this topic had quoted, among other things, “…a lot of bugs, and most importantly, will give you blue screen of death”. One user had even written, “It’s a total waste of time – go ahead, kill your time.”

“Should I download after reading such messages?” Definitely not – after all, it was beta in the first place, and next, the reviews were not suggestive either; and third, being a freeware beta, it had not…

building big

It all started yesterday afternoon in the office. Mustafa was reading the paper, Haythem was writing something and I was on the computer. With no clue whatever, Haythem suggested going to Mokattam, the highest point in Cairo. We agreed, and before the sun was down, we were already sipping coffee on the high hill. Far upto our sight we could see this amazing desert sprawl including the city of Cairo, Giza and Greater Cairo all together. It was difficult to say where one city ended and another began - such is the vastness of this urbanization. Right in front of us was the city of the dead - some ten million arabians resting in peace in tombs of their own. On the left were these new and old skyscrappers belonging to telecom and multinational companies. Farther left, upto the horizon, there was this new construction zone - with at least half a million villas being built in order to ease the congestion of central Cairo. Too bad I didn't take my camera.

Haythem and Mustafa went on talkin…

explaining LCAR through PPR

The MSUR over the night of LCAR has finally given rise to PST, not mentioning the VOIP channel used to RLY voice over POTS; and believe me, this is not a guff. The PPR channel previously in use for the purpose of HML has now been regarded to be obsolete. So is TIB, belonging to VOIP.

I pretty much guess that by now you must be thinking what the hell I am talking about, then please check this out - for all the sensible meanings for your understanding, with The Cure for Information Overload note. Hooray!!!