14F - magrabi, mohandessin

This was where a guy/agent took us when we advertised for a "new apartment wanted" to shift:

Central Cairo, fourteenth floor in a 21 storied high-rise.
All fully furnished rooms.
Twelve toilet/bathroom including the attached ones.
Eight bedrooms.
Two 63" televisions including one in the gaming room.
One chic kitchen - which looks more like a hi-tech lab and less like a collection of fridge/stove/oven/washers.
Open space for maybe two hundred people, with luxury sofas.
Four telephone lines, ADSL internet connectivity in every room, and of course multiple electric/phone sockets.
One primary reception for around fifty people.
A wide private office room - something like a personal den with two computers, fax, xerox, answering machine.
Total of twenty one air conditioners.
Eight external recesses with height adjustable glass walls.
One exercise room with irons/treadmills/etc and one tanning bed.

All this with the "Pyramid View" and "will-furnish-more-if-booked" condition. The price? USD 12,000 per month for rent or US$ 2.5 million for sale. This was the most spacious apartment I ever saw. We reminded the agent that we are just four people looking for a comfortable apartment. The guy nodded, as usual, and then we left.


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