mondo bongo

Another week has passed lazily. The room is still cluttered, wires are everywhere on the floor with one recently added extension type which I've been using for lamp since Tuesday. Computer, telephone, camera, lamp, clock, cable, internet, oh.. there are a lot of wires everywhere and I have to step upon them every time I move in my room. Today afternoon I sat down to "fix" the place - and found out that it is almost "un-fixable" until I am willing to remove some items. Means, there are only two sockets, 2 pin type. So, for 3-pin stuff like computer, I've been using an extension socket which runs from the door upto the table in another corner - passing across the entire floor. The other socket is on the right hand corner, partially blocked by a huge closet - which I dare not remove from its place; and I wonder why furniture always has to be so uncomfortable to deal with?

And the telephone, it has to be put on the side of the bed because there is no phone socket anywhere else. But if I had a longer wire, I would hook the phone in the socket next to my bed while keeping the telephone itself away, upon the computer table. Every time I think of shifting the telephone to the table, I remember that I have to buy a longer phone-wire, and in the next morning, things really go on without the longer phone wire. As a result, everything is quiety cluttering where everything has been, and this has been going on for months - me wanting to do some better change in the room every weekend. And one more thing, last Tuesday I listened to two beautiful songs in a long time - twist in my sobriety by Tanita Tikaram - at first I thought the vocal was of a male, but when I increased the volume to audible limits, it turned out to be a a rare female voice. Heard it top to bottom, liked the voice and the music, then did some search, to find this.

The other song was called Mondo Bongo. The beat was good, voice was appealing and only later did I find out that it was from Mr. & Mrs. Smith. While I was watching that movie some months ago, I had noticed a little part of a beautiful song when Pitt and Jolie were drinking and dancing near the starting - and at that moment I had promised myself to search for it but when I had gotten home, I forgot about it altogether. Now, while I was worrying about wires and whether I should change the position of furniture or not, then suddenly this months old stuff tried to re-entertain. Wow! Needless to say, I left the wires peacefully and then went on to download these two songs. Now it's been more than 48 hours and just today morning I changed the songs on my playlist. Otherwise these two were shouting from my speakers all the time, and I want to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith once again while leaving the wires to arrange next week.


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