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cool cpu casing

Honestly, this is one of the coolest designs for a CPU casing. No wonder the designer himself must be the proud owner!

the riding robot

See it to belive it - what an amazing robot it is! Murata Boy, the riding robot born in Kyoto, is the first of its kind who rides a bicycle. According to its developers at Murata Engineering Company, the robot uses gyro sensors to facilitate its forward ride without falling. It also uses shock sensors to go over bumps, as well as ultrasonic sensors to identify and avoid obstacles along the way. His aim, to ride around the world; with the motto WHEN YOU FALL OFF A BICYCLE GET RIGHT BACK, ON.

book-flipping : the lord of the rings

The events, depicted in the motion picture by Peter Jackson, belong to The Third Age; however according to the book, here's a short text about the Ages, which should be understood as the chronology of The Westlands only and not of the whole world. THE FIRST AGE ended with the Great Battle, in which the Host of Valinor broke Thangorodrim and overthrew Morgoth. Then most of the Noldor returned into the Far West and dwelt in Eressea within sigh of Valinor; and many of the Sindar went over Sea also.THE SECOND AGE ended with the first overthrow of Sauron, servant of Morgoth, and the taking of the One Ring.THE THIRD AGE came to its end in the War of the Ring; but the FOURTH AGE was not held to have begun until Master Elrond departed, and the time was come for the dominion of Men and the decline of all other 'speaking-people' in Middle-Earth.In THE FOURTH AGE the earlier ages were often called the Elder Days; but that name was properly given only to the days before the casting ou…

snowfall in kathmandu

Snowfall started today in Kathmandu at around 2:05 PM local time. It had been raining since yesterday night, with the Meteorogical Department announcing today morning that this heavy rainfall would continue throughout the day. Maybe they did not want to let the surprise out, which is why folks at the Meteolrogical Department made no comments about the incoming snowfall.

Local residents in Koteshwar came out on their roofs to witness this rare event while school children danced with joy at the sight which they had never seen before. "We are excited", said Samy Malla, who was holding out hands to feel the snowfall. Meanwhile, people at coffee shops and restaurants came out on the street to experience their first snowfall in Kathmandu City. Thirty-six year old Pasa, who runs a grocery store in Koteshwar, said, "I have never seen snowfall in our city and I'm shutting down the store today to play with my kids in the snow." However, the snowfall didn't last long a…

book-flipping : made in japan

"I began to buy books about electronics, and I subscribed to Japanese and foreign magazines that contained all the latest information about sound reproduction and radio. Soon I was spending so much time on electronics that it was hurting my schoolwork. I was devoting nearly all my after-school hours to my new hobby, making devices from the diagrams in a Japanese magazine called Wireless and Experiments. My dream was to build an electric phonograph and make a recording of my own voice. I kept expanding my experiments as I learned more and more about the new technology. I had to teach myself because the subjects I was was really interested in were not taught in my school in those days. But I managed to build a crude electric phonograph and a radio receiver on my own. I even made a crude recording of my voice and played it back on my electric phonograph.

In fact, I became so engrossed in my electronic tinkering that I almost fluked out of school. My mother was called to the school of…

restore deleted files

One of my friends accidentally deleted an XLS file in which he had kept the company record for monthly salary of staffs. Over the phone somebody suggested him to restore it from the Recycle Bin, but he had already emptied the Recycle Bin too. He was in a bad mood and was very much afraid that the boss will be cross at him, and might suspend him temporarily. Enter RESTORATION, v 2.5.14 by Brian Kato - a small freeware utility that saved him from getting caught.

Whenever a file is deleted from the Recycle Bin, it does not go away permanently from the computer. Only the pointer of the deleted file is omitted, thus allowing the file's original space to be over-written with new files. RESTORATION does exactly that - tries to find the deleted pointer, thus helping to find the deleted file. It allows search using a number of facilities and then displays the results, after which the user can scan individual result item at his ease.

follow the mouse trail

Ever wonder how far your mouse icon travels while using the computer? Although confined inside a screen of certain length, the mouse icon covers a great distance throughout the day. A program called Mouse Clocker can calculate the distance that your mouse travels. Once installed and run, Mouse Clocker automatically starts to record the distance, which can then be viewed in different units of length.

From today afternoon when I installed Mouse Clocker until right now, my mouse icon has travelled 301.5672184823833185588921984 meters, which is just past the height up Eiffel Tower.

book-flipping : the murder of roger ackroyd

[Roger Ackroyd was a man who knew too much. He knew the woman he loved had poisoned her first husband. He knew someone was blackmailing her – and now he knew she had taken her own life with a drug overdose. Soon the evening post would let him know who the mystery blackmailer was. But Roger was dead before he’d finished reading it – stabbed through the neck where he sat in his study…]

“My greatest fear all through has been Caroline. I have fancied she might guess. Curious the way she spoke that day of my ‘strain of weakness’.

Well, she will never know the truth. There is, as Poirot said, one way out… I can trust him. He and Inspector Raglan will manage it between them. I should not like Caroline to know. She is fond of me, and then, too, she is proud…My death will be a grief to her, but grief passes…

When I have finished writing, I shall enclose this whole manuscript in an envelope and address it to Poirot. And then – what shall it be? Veronal? There would be a kind of poetic jus…