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quickly convert multimedia files online

Of course you have many tools and software to convert files from one format to another. In fact you convert files according to your need. Sometimes you are in a hurry to convert that movie file into a format that your mobile understands. At other times, you might be searching the Internet for a good and decent conversion programs. In any case, well, waste no more time; look no further. Online Convert is probably the best and the quickest option for you.In a couple of easy steps, get your file converted. Just select the file you want to convert and upload it. In a moment (depending on the size of your file), your file will be converted, and you will be prompted to save your converted file to your computer.That’s it. That’s probably the quickest (and of course, free) method to convert your multimedia file formats. In case you were wondering, the site supports not just multimedia file, but a variety of documents, e-books and other file types. Technorati Tags: ,

hitman leon, aka the professional

Leon is a loner. He is a hitman with only one passion – a passion for his job. Therefore he trains himself well, keeps his senses alert, loves his weapons and makes no mistakes. He is simply the best hitman in town.One day when he sees the entire family of his neighbour murdered in cold blood over a matter of cocaine information, he has but no choice to welcome to his life the sole survivor of the family, a twelve-year old girl. Matilda, an extra-ordinary girl with a fierce appetite for revenge of the murder, is ready to take on any job from hitman Leon. She even demands to become his apprentice. But he has nothing to offer to Matilda. So where does the story go?In an interesting plot by Luc Besson, viewers are once again charmed by his flair for creative story-telling. Hitman Jean Reno is bold, the turns in the narrative are steep, the actions are credible and Natalie Portman is superb in her first ever silver-screen appearance in Leon. Technorati Tags: ,

transformers: dark of the moon

Once again Michael Bay along with his crew is successful in walking away with kudos with their performance in Transformers III.With fast-paced visuals and equally fast story, this time in 3D, the citizens of Cybertron seem a bit real and lifelike, as compared to the prequels, that is. On this hair-raising episode, the Decepticons have a larger and more deceptive plans that leave the Autobots fighting on the edge of the knife. One little mistake, and beloved Earth is doomed forever. In fact the Decepticons are trying to transport their entire planet of Cybertron in place of the physical space occupied by Earth.Will Sam once again be able to act on the nick of time, thereby helping to evade earthly doom? It remains to be seen; and it remains to be seen whether the makers of Transformers III will walk away with the Oscars as well.Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,,,