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the 7 biggest financial decisions you will make

This post by Richard Jenkins was originally published in 2005(?) here
A lot of people spend a whole lot of time worrying about the small stuff -- a little extra yield on their savings, a few dollars less in mortgage payments, slightly higher returns, and slightly lower commissions. They pore over IRS publications and fat tax guides searching for ways to save a few hundred bucks on taxes. They read personal finance magazines, buy books and scour the Web looking for tips. Fine. It pays off. But does managing your money really have to be this complicated? Actually, no. In fact, if you spend all your time focusing on fractions of a point, you may lose sight of the big picture. The blunt truth is that if you make the right choices early in life on a handful of major decisions, you'll never have to worry about financial security.

1. How You Handle Risk

Risk affects all aspects of your life. Would you rather work for a rock-solid company with a strong benefits package, a smaller start-up …