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improve your career prospects

This Do-It-Yourself Coaching by Ellen Alcorn was originally published on the Internet in early 2000's. I do not have the source but as of 2017, it remains published at Monster. So here are some classic tips to improve your career prospects.


Maybe you're not ready to hire a coach. Here, some of America's leading coaches reveal secrets for improving your life and career prospects.

Network, Network, Network
This is harder than it sounds. "You don't sit down and say, 'Today I'm going to develop a network.' You do it as a matter of everyday living," says Jim Jose, an organizational effectiveness strategist and leadership coach based in Tucson. Join professional associations, do community service or become a board member. "I think every human being has an obligation to give back to society in some measure to make it a better place," Jose says. Altruism aside, this can also be a wonderful way to make important contacts.

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