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how much should you tip around the world

Each country has its own difference. When you are traveling, know who and how much to tip with the help of this handy guide:

While in Australia and New Zealand, tipping is not required.

In China, tips are rare, including HK and Macau, where service charges are added to total.

In many parts of Europe, service charges are pre-added to the bill; but where it is not added, consider tipping around 5 to 7 percent of the total. 

In India and neighboring Maldives, Nepal & Sri Lanka, the waiters usually expect 5 to 7 percent of the bill. However, you may not tip in restaurants that have added service charges to the total bill. Taxi drivers should not be tipped, but bell boys expect a little something.

Tipping is not made in Japan.

Middle East
In cities such as Cairo and Dubai, the service charge is already added to the bill. However, around 5 percent additional tip is expected in restaurants. Bell boys and porters should be tipped, but taxi drivers do not expect it.�…