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love creating videos? read these tips from the 90's

Wondering why there's a 90s' digital camera on the post? It's because this is a post from the 90s. And why a still camera for a blog post on video? To fondly remember that not the same camera was used for photo and video as they do today. These tricks are here for adding that something special to the videos you’ve created. These tips are from late nineties - be warned, what you read might sound a little uncommon, but that’s okay. These theories were good back then - these are good today as well. Yes, there have been improvements in storage and graphics technologies in the past 20 years but the theory remains the same. This article lets you understand the humble beginnings of digital video.

Avoid Dropped Frames
If the system is slow, it may not write some frames to the disk and dropped frames will occur. The result is a null frame that takes up virtually no space and simply mimics the last frame. More dropped frames result in a jerkier video and are more apparent at low fra…