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"ye little snail"

Ye little snail,
Do you know?
You carry your home
On your back,
Your love in your flesh,
Your carpets in your feet.
When there is food you wake up,
And when it is scarce you sleep.
You are so ever patient;
So relaxed and single-minded.
Yet, you are so boneless;
So limp and soft;
Incapable of accomplishng much
And can never change the world.
Perhaphs, what one can do
Is directly related to
What one can never get

- Anadish Pal, Bad Dreams Good Dreams

'meaning' by anadish pal

He found a great dictionary, Which had all the meanings. He unwrapped it And opened the cover. All the pages were blank. Then, as he leaved through, They started melting into space. Finally, there remained nothing But the empty space. Still, he had time on his hands, With which he could wade his hands into the space; But then it was not the end. So everything started to get squeeed into a point - A minutest point. There language a lie. A point with no time. Everything it. - from, Bad Dreams Good Dreams