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computer slowing down? could be the hard drive

What are the factors that most affect the performance of a hard disk?

The performance of a hard disk is most affected by its interface and its spindle speed. The spindle speed decides how fast data can be read from and written to the hard disk platters. Therefore, the higher the drive’s rotations per minute (rpm), the faster its data transfer speed. Understandably, a drive with more rpm is more expensive compared to one with a lower spindle speed. Recently, the advent of solid state drives, commonly called SSDs have threatened the existence of traditional hard drives. SSDs have a significant advantage as they do not have moving parts since they are flash-based memory.

Why do my applications slow down over time?

Every time you work with an application, the operating system creates numerous temporary files that are required by active applications. These files tend to be scattered all over the hard disk. Also, when you add or delete programs and files, it creates unused clusters of small …