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brush up on your adobe glossary

Mused by the jargon? Fret no more! Understanding these key words will help you work more efficiently with Adobe's Creative Cloud.


Adjustment Layer.A layer containing an adjustment that helps to  improve colour and lighting. It includes gradient  mapping and Levels. It can be applied to only a  layer directly below, or to an entire image.

Filters.Filters can be applied directly to a layer or an  image, and have many uses, some of which include the ability to blur or sharpen pixels, and  even render artistic effects.

Gradient Map.Gradient Maps are used to convert an image to monochrome or to give it a new colour. Colour is applied across an image according to its lightest and darkest values, and offers a vast array of colour mixes, as well as custom options for creating effects.

Refine Edge.Photoshop's Refine Edge command is where you go for extra control over the selection's area. Edges can be enhanced to take into account finer details that weren't picked…