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understand the technology that surrounds you everyday - I

We are surrounded by so much technology everywhere that sometimes we wish we knew better. Without further ado, look at this nifty compilation created for the rest of us. This is the first among three lists that explains the real meaning behind everyday words from the world of technology.

AC-3 (Dolby Digital): This digital surround-sound format for home audio is called Dolby Digital in theatres. It is the official sound format for digital TV, and is used in many DVDs and laser discs.
ActiveX: This is a set of technologies from Microsoft that provides developers with tools to link desktop applications to the Internet. It allows you to view Word and Excel documents directly in a browser.
AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port): This is an Intel specification designed to handle the high throughput demands of 3D graphics. The AGP channel is 32 bits wide and provides almost twice the total bandwidth of the older PCI channel. Think of it as Accelerated Gaming Performance.
Animation: Animation involves u…