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how we watch tv ads

Here’s an interesting read from the National Geographic magazine of 2003 February by Joel Achenbach. It includes summaries of research about how we watch television adverts, and what our perception becomes.Given that tens of millions of dollars are spent to make and air advertisements, you figure at least a few million more might be devoted to figuring out how viewers perceive them. Sure enough, researchers have spent decades watching people watching ads. Of particular interest: what we do with our eyes.“Our eyes are very busy. They’re continuously scanning the visual field in front of them,” says Moshe Eizenman of the University of Toronto, the inventor of an eye-tracing device. Research shows that our gaze zooms in on moving object, such as the lips of a speaking person. Our eyes are drawn to sharp edges and contrasting colours. That’s why commercials often show a colourful product against a white background, and why luxury sedans are constantly hurtling along mountain roads. A good…

how much does your barcode worth

Ever tried to barcode yourself? Barcoding yourself is the act of receiving your very own personalized barcode that you can print on mugs or t-shirt, demo or embed on your web site. In order to get your barcode, you need to enter the your age, weight,height, etc. According to the barcode yourself site, it is a complete, interactive experience, created using the personalized data of participants.Technorati Tags: ,,,,,

comic comparison

Many developing nations have similar kinds of problems such as a social problem, governance, infrastructure problem, and the problem of the masses; and this is not just confined to developing nations. As shown in this wonderful animation, a contrast is given between the EU and Italy – how things are simply different! For the lighter side of life, and for humble devotion to pizza, here’s the animationTechnorati Tags: ,,,, .