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understand the technology that surrounds you everyday - II

We are surrounded by so much technology everywhere that sometimes we wish we knew better. Without further ado, look at this nifty compilation created for the rest of us. This is the second among three lists that explains the real meaning behind everyday words from the world of technology. First, see the first list of technological terms.

E-mail: Universally accepted abbreviated version of electronic mail.
Emoticon: They are used to convey emotion in an ASCII world. For example, ☺ represents a ‘smiley’.
Encryption: The translation of data into a secret code. To read an encrypted file, you need a secret key or password.
Easter Egg: Hidden features placed by programmers in software applications and operating systems. Could display a secret message, play a sound or a small animation.
Firewall: One way of protecting a network against intrusion. Consists of mechanisms to block and to permit network traffic.
Flame: A downright inflammatory statement, usually in an electronic mail message.
FWIW: Cha…