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pushmind blogging

I'm supposed to be writing on this page in an updated fashion - i.e. continue writing/uploading my blog entries in the future. Or at least I hope so. By the way, did I tell you that I am the same person who wrote just one single entry in more than 365 days? As far as the philosophy goes, "Whenever I have attempted to promise myself to do something, I've almost always not done it", which was the case with my previous blog. Now, one of the reasons that I want to continue this page is that I love this blog site - it is lite, has a number of features that "msn space" lacks. Besides, msn space downloads too slowly for dial up users like me and also it has a number of nakharas that a modest blog site need not have.

picasa: picasso, googlewise

If I remember correctly from my seventh grade history book, then Picasso is the name of a painter. Was he Italian? No no, he must have been Spanish, or was he Dutch? Still doubtful, but he was a painter, an artist, who had chosen to make creative expressions through paintings - this much is sure.
And now Picasa, which is for images and visual expressions, something closely related to Picasso - even the name is quite similar. Did you know that Picasa was originally written by a someone else? Only later did Google buy it and skin it and added some functionalities, finally naming it into Picasa.
Picasa can run, Picasa can dance, Picasa can sing all sorts of image extensions - what more do you want from a piece of software? Don't believe it? Well, it's your choice, but man, if you're using Windows then you're definitely missing something. ...what? price? It's free