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adapt to a body shape that you can

Found this in one of my old hard drives. This article was probably taken from MSN Health website; I do not have the source.

There are many different body types around, and regrettably many are 'round'. But underneath all the padding and designer wear we can put each body into one of three categories. The 3 main body types:

Ectomorphs - Thin and wispy.Mesomorphs - Athletic and muscular.Endomorphs - Generously rounded or 'stout'.
Your basic body type is greatly outside of your control - more to do with DNA, and your childhood lifestyle than anything else. So if you are over 18 and reading this, you are what you are, although you can fine tune what you already have. 
If you are looking to change the shape of your body the basic groundwork is the same.

Eat fresh, low fat and healthy food at regular intervals.Avoid large amounts of toxins like alcohol and caffeine.Take regular exercise which should include elements of stamina (puffing), strength (grunting) and suppleness (ben…