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old dog, new tricks

I've never been good at drawing, since elementary school. Whatever happened but I lost all my interest in drawing, crayons or pencils. That said, it is equally appealing to admit that I want to start drawing. Again.

Joi Ito has a post that says

Betty Edwards starts out explaining that drawing is like reading and writing for the right hemisphere of the brain. The right brain deals with spacial and relationship oriented things and is good at dealing with chaos and complexity. She explains that people who are "not good at drawing" typically have strong left brain tendencies which often prevents the right brain from taking charge of drawing. Read on.

After all, who said you can't teach old dog new tricks?

if cars were like computers

What if cars really were like computers? You'd have a helpline to assist in solving problems as they came up... Now just imagine if the same people that answer the phones at Microsoft had to answer the General Motors helpline...

HelpLine: "General Motors HelpLine, how can I help you?"
Customer: "My car will go forward, but when I put it in reverse, nothing happens."
HelpLine: "What model do you have?"
Customer: "It's a brand new 1994 Mongoose."
HelpLine: "Yes, but it is a 1994R with a big R or 1994r with a small r?"
Customer: "I don't know. Let me find out and I'll call you back."
HelpLine: "Alright, but let me tell you you've probably got the small r model. You'll need to upgrade to the big R version to go in reverse." has an impressive collection of annoyances and their remedies encountered by Windows users. It provides articles about customizing Windows, troubleshooting, performance…

windows xp nostalgia

Here’s something from the past – some tips to save your time while working with the all new Windows Xp. Yes, you heard me right – “Windows Xp”. In an age where Windows Vista, Xp’s successor, is straddling computers across the globe, this document might seem a bit old fashioned. However, for all of you who want a quick revision of the early days of Xp, here are some documents found at the dungeons* of a P3, 550 MHz machine.

* [C:\Documents and Settings\Xertxes\Old Documents\Documents\Computers\OS\Microsoft\PostWhistler\WinXp\Tweaks & Tricks\Updates\01041104\]

wonderful world of wiki

A wiki is a website or a collection of websites, that allows users or visitors to add, remove or edit the contents. Wiki is by nature, a collaborative approach to manage and provide information on the web. The concept of wiki was developed by Ward Cunningham, who launched the world's first wiki site. "Wiki" means rapid in Hawaiian language.

Today there exist a huge number of wiki sites including

Wikipedia - Probably the largest encyclopedia on the web.
Wikimapia - An extensive online map database.
Wikitravel - Everything related to travel on this planet.
Unilang - A databse of language contents.
LyricWiki - Contains lyrics sorted by albums.

Wikipedia has a collection of the largest wiki sites here. Get ready for information, or just get The Cure for Information Overload.

how much is that?

Ever wonder how much of your storage space a program occupies? How about an ebook? A picture file? Your son's birthday video? Here is a nice compilation.

10 bytes: A single word
10 Kilobytes: The size of this web page
10 Megabytes: A minute of high-fidelity sound
10 Gigabytes: A good collection of the works of Beethoven
10 Terabytes: The printed collection of the US Library of Congress
100 Terabytes: The entire Internet
100 Petabytes: All printed material

It basically goes like: Bit-Byte-Kilobyte-Megabyte-Gigabyte-Terabyte-Petabyte-and so on.

amazing tech facts

Some amazing tech facts are listed below.In 1981, while working on MS-DOS, Bill Gates made a prediction that 640K of RAM should be enough for everyone.The first word processing software developed in 1975, was called Electric Pencil.Intel released its first Pentium processor in 1993. It was a 60MHz processor with 3.2 million transistors.The first cellular phone communication network was launched in Japan, in 1979.The original URL of Yahoo! was Registration was free until 14th September 1995.Google got its name from the word googol, which means the number "one followed by a hundred zeroes".It took 13 years for television to reach 50 million users - it took the Internet less than 4 years.The first patent for a typewriter was issued for Englishman Henry Mill in 1714.The CD-ROM made its debut in 1984 through the combined efforts of Philips and Sony.All tech facts listed from "1001 Tech Facts: Trivia That Gives You The Edge", issued by

know your windows shortcuts

Probably you have played around a lot with the Window key on your keyboard, that small key between the [Alt] and [Ctrl] keys. And you probably love it, because it saves your time. Working with shortcuts not only shows that you are a fashionable user but also that you know your machine well. When your boss tells you to find that particular "Budget.XLS" because he doesn't know its location, you can simply trigger the search box by hitting [Windows] + [F]. There are a lot more [Windows] shortcuts that you could use.
[Windows] + [D] = Minimize all windows or show all windows[Windows] + [E] = Open Windows Explorer[Windows] + [F] = Open the Search window[Windows] + [M] = Minimize all windows[Windows] + [R] = Open the Run box[Windows] + [Tab] = Cycle through items on the Taskbar[Windows] + [Shift] + [M] = Undo minimize all windows[Windows] + [Pause/Break] = Open System Properties windowApart from these Windows default shortcuts, you can create them by yourself by using additiona…

ajaxWrite - better online word-processor

Among a plethora of online word-processors, one could choose ajaxWrite for its simplicity of use. As the name suggests, ajaxWrite is a word processor on which you can work online - type your document, print it, save it, share it or download it to your hard drive for reference. Visually, ajaxWrite is similar to Microsoft Word, with integrated capacity to handle most of the document formats.

It is a great software when it comes to user-friendliness, however, there is a downside to it. Users of Internet Explorer browser CANNOT use this free software because it is designed only for Mozilla Firefox browser. Registration is required prior to use.

Apart from ajaxWrite, there are other online software - giving users an impression of an entire Ajax Office Suite containing ajaxWrite, ajaxSketch, ajaxXLS, ajaxPresents and ajaxTunes.

blog now with devnagari

क्या मुझे प्यार है? क्या तुम येह पढ़ सकते हो? और क्या तुम्हारा नाम 'जोकर' है? हिन्दीमा त लेखीयो, बबाल सजीलो हुँदो रहेछ - अब नेपाली लेखेर हेरौं है, कत्तिको राम्ररी लेखिन्छ - भन्ने कुरा गर्ने हो भने तपाइँ मलाई भनी दिनुस कि यो गूगल को नयाँ सुविधा कत्तिको राम्रो लग्छ तपाइँलाई. फेरी पनि तिम्रो तस्बिर, आँखामा आयी दिन्छ अनी फेरी धुलो लागे जस्तो सारा हरायेर जान्छ - यो लेख्नु त majja po रहेछ - it's fun! देवनागरीमा ब्लग लेख्ने होइन त? सच्ची, यो एकदम सजीलो रहेछ - धन्यबाद ब्लगर! But it still needs refinements to be perfect.

tweak yourself a bit using yahoo avatars

Lord Vishnu, who is also knows as Narayana or the Supreme Being, has has ten avatars, according to Hinduism. So, how many avatars can you have? Well, it seems that you can now have thousands of them. Thanks to Yahoo! Avatars, now you can create avatars that you like - at any time - for free!

Yahoo! Avatars is a free software utility that lets you create online avatars of your own - you could dress up as a gangster, a super hero, an actor, a traveler, a cook, a lover boy and thousands of other identities. To suit your mood, there is an option to choose backgrounds, locality, dresses, hairstyle, jewelry, pets, and last but not the least, face!

Express youself with Yahoo! Avatars. Here.

identification for file extension

You are running a P3 machine on 128 MB of RAM and you click that "Beautiful.jpg" sittly idly on the desktop forever. To your annoyance, Photoshop is triggered, and before you get to see the picture, you are already frustated because it is taking forever to load. So much annoying, right?

Similar events have occured to most of us at least once - and we wish there was a better way to open files. FileInfo has a huge (probably the largest) collection of file extensions, the three lettered 'suffixes' that come with every file, separated by a period. (example: Sky.jpg, Report.doc, Fun.ppt, Program.exe, etc.)

As written in FileInfo web site, A file extension, also called a filename extension, is the suffix at the end of a filename, which indicates what kind of file it is. For example, you can tell that the file "computer.jpg" is a JPEG image file, based on the ".jpg" file extension. Similarly, you can tell that "readme.txt" is a text document and …

april fooling around

JJ is a simple-minded imaginary character. His life is full of adventures; or mis-adventures, perhaps. Here is what happened to him recenlty.

One fine morning found JJ driving his new Toyota. JJ was very happy to be the owner of a Toyota and was singing to himself. Suddenly, he collided with the milkman. The accident caused much damage to the milkman's bicycle and our guy was furious. JJ ran towards him mumbling apologies, but our guy was not pacified. He shouted, "JJ, blood for blood, wreckage for wreckage".

Saying so, he got a stout stick and started hammering on the windshield. JJ was shocked and tried to take the stick from him, requesting him to stop. But the milkman got hold of JJ and pushed him ten meters away from his car. He drew a small circle near the road with the stick and asked JJ to stay inside and not move outside the circle, threatening him for better measure. Now our JJ was not very brave at heart and coolly went to stand in the circle. The milkman goes b…