quizzeria - the quiz kiosk, round 3

A notorious jewel thief, posing as a tourist on a cruise ship, attempted to off-load his loot at the end of the trip, when he realised that he was under suspicion. He chose five unsuspecting fellow travellers and secreted one of the stolen pieces of jewellery in each person's belongings. Can you work out where each item was hidden, and who owned the hiding place in each case and their ocupation?
  • Passengers: Mrs Brown; Mrs Green; Mr Black; Miss Grey; Mr White
  • Occupation: Nurse; Solicitor; Florist; Dentist; Journalist
  • Baggage: Camera case; Suitcase; Spectacle case; Laptop case; make up bag
  • Jewellery: Diamond earrings; Ruby ring; Pearl necklace; Gold bracelet; Sapphire pendant
Here are the Clues

1. The dentist isn't the owner of the spectale case in which the Gold bracelet was hidden, nor is he Mr Black, who isn't the Journalist.
2. Mr White is the owner of the camera case, the ruby ring wasn't hidden there, nor was it in the item belonging to the solicitor.
3. One of the hiding places was Miss Grey's suitcase, but the Diamond earrings were not there, nor were they tucked into the nurse's Make up bag.
4. The three stranded Pearl necklace was hidden in a smaller bag than the bag owned by Mr Black, but larger than the one owned by the Florist.
5. The bag where the sapphire pendant was hidden belonged to a woman, she is neither the nurse nor Mrs Green.


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