the clicking business*

I had read a theory about two people clicking with each other at the very fist site. According to this theory, there is a blank canvas-like thing in our brain, in the shape of a face. Now, this canvas remains "blank" until it finds the other "perfect face". At the moment when our eyes input this "pefect" face, our brain acknowledges to a maximum degree and hence, tries to fill this blank canvas with this newly seen beautiful face, making us feel clicked. This click is the first click, which lasts for only a short moment.

At this first click, however, our blank-canvas is not completely filled - at this time it is like, only 65% filled. But very soon after that, some catalytic agents called feeling, tolerance, devotion, commitment, and frequency of thought, etc. - interefere this canvas, thereby filling the canvas 100% or to the maximum possible limit.

This is just what I had read some years ago on the Internet - I wish I had saved the link.
* Inspired by this post.


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