welcome windows live writer

There has been much talk about Windows Live Writer, the newest product by Microsoft, which lets bloggers post their blogs from the comfort of their desk, i.e. they can now write their posts without having to log into the blogger service. Additionally, Windows Live Writer, or WLW, says that whenever a new post is published, bloggers do not need to worry about their page layout and text formatting. It claims, WLW automatically imports your settings from the blogger service that you're using (eg. blogger, space, etc.), and uploads your posts from within the WLW window so that the published posts will appear as if you are writing from within your regular blogger dashboard and not from any external application. This sounds cool - and I decided to give it a try. Well, this seems to work fine because this post was written in WLW and published from the same; and I don't see any difference so far, except the unnecessary uneasy space between the header and the text. But this is not a complain at all for WLW which enables users to work in a WYSIWYG environment - even with pictures, live maps, and text alignment and features a built-in spelling checker.

One thing to notice, however, is that Windows Live Writer is a beta, and not a final release - and many people are wondering why (oh, why) has Microsoft written Beta at the end of this product. Does this signify the dawn of a new habit of MS or is it that writing Beta at the end of programs has reapable benefits? Don't forget that almost 90 percent of the Google products, released over a period of two years or more, are still in beta phase. Hmm. Perhaps this is a big-guy-only thing, after all!


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