from life comes art

Impressive tagline. Sounds like an advert slogan for art school. But wait - there's something more about this. While doing a search for quotes related to life and art, I stumbled upon a site related to human DNA. First of all, when someone talks about DNA, what comes into your head?

  • Intertwined helical strands
  • Strange proteins
  • Source of life
  • Genetic agent
  • What else?
And if you are a geek or a scientist reading this post, some technical words might come to your head, like nucleotide, adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine, base pair, sugar phosphate backbone, nitrogen bases, hydrophobic effect, pi stacking, complimentary pairing, hydrogen bonds, semiconservative replication, plasimd DNA, ribofuranose, and last but not the least James Watson and Francis Crick, ....... and what else?

Okay, okay. I am not eating your head okay, but just trying to ask you one simple question: Can you relate DNA with business in the simplest form? You try to figure that out sometime, meanwhile see what these guys have to sell utilizing DNA.


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