google earth. amazing!

It is very easy to loose yourself in front of Google Earth for days, and this needs no explanation. If you have spent some time using this software then probably you have wondered where these images actually come from and how were they taken! Check out the source.

It's quite amazing about the amount of geographic data Google Earth possesses. From a closeup view of Machu Picchu to the pinnacle of Mt. Everest and from Eiffel Tower to Rainbow Bridge, it's all here. As a tourist, you can have a great time revisiting the places you've been. Now you can recollect your memories from that particular resort in the Caribbean or that frail yak-trail in Nepal; and from The Great Barrier reef in Australia to that mountain cabin in Cananda. I even tried looking up for my house and lo! there it was - although not a high resolution one, it was however, accurate in portryaing my neighbourhood in Koteshwar [27°48'62.17"N, 85°18'28.66"E]. In fact this version of Google Earth is better equipped than the previous one where I could not even make out the neighbourhood properly.

So, this brings us to the age old topic of 'privacy'. Okay, as an enthusiast you may say that Hey, Google Earth shows only recorded photographs, it has nothing to do with live transmissions from your locality.

This is so true for Google Earth. But then again, think about the technology itself. Think what? Okay, lets say like this: This is the year 2006 where you are nicely and comfortably sitting on your couch, with high speed wireless internet beaming into your laptop, from where you are surfing the world! And not only you - there are millions and millions of other people who are doing the same right now! And you may ask, what is your point, and I say, whenever some product/service emerges in the mass market then chances are - the government and the super-rich have already experienced it many years ahead of the general public. So, if the public is using a sophisticated product such as Google Earth right now, then imagine what the governments might be using in its place!

It wouldn't be much of a surprise if Google Earth released its future versions with a live plugin called HUMAN TRACER, under *certain type of [license and agreement].


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