photosynth, by microsoft

Hmm... interesting stuff! Manish and myself had some talk about something like this back in kec but it was nothing more than an idea for us; and this is not relevant, either. These days it doesn't take a scientist to see that Microsoft and Google are following parallel paths when it comes to services they are providing for users. Both the companies seem to be pushing against each other in order to provide newer and newer products. First, Gmail with 1 Gb. Then Hotmail increased size to 25 Mb. Second, Google Earth. Then Windows Live Local. Third, Google Picasa & Hello. Then Microsoft Photosynth - a recent blog from Microsoft about its new product Photosynth made me think twice about this Google-Microsoft coldwar. Check out Photosynth to believe what they are saying.

In fact ever since Microsoft announced the concept of Live, everyone has been hopeful in getting to see new type of products - both from Google and Microsoft - the effects of which have already started to show as beta version programs. I really hope that this competition stays for some years because it will simply open up new markets in computing. Now, coming back to this Google-Microsoft coldwar thing, one could easily speculate that if Microsoft is already equipped with such an amazing stuff like Photosynth, then obviously, shouldn't Google have a couple of surprises upcoming for everybody?

Slurp... I want more!!!


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