bollywood facing script-ruptcy

Yeuta arko nakkal! Remember Pyaar To Hona Hi Thaa? It seems to be the Bollywood version of "French Kiss". I was bored and flipping endlessly through the channels, but briefly stopped for a while in One TV, because a guy (Kevin Kline) had been making an interesting face whie talking to a girl (Meg Ryan). They were inside a train, which was moving out of Paris. Eiffel Tower could be seen in all its glory, the scene being accompanied by a beautiful piece of music. Soon Meg falls asleep and Kevin starts to search her bag. It was at this scene that I felt - hey, this looks like Pyaar To Hona Hi Thaa, and decided to continue.

The more I watched, the more convinced I became, when finally he takes her to his farm. He shows her around his farm, the landscape, the grape vines, he fights his brother as soon as they see each other, his family comment about the girl, police looking for Kevin Kline, etc. -all these sequences are copied ditto in Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha with Ajay Devgan acting as Kevin Kline, Kajol acting as Meg Ryan and Om Puri acting in the role of Jean Reno. I did not watch the rest of the movie, however, and moved on to the next channel. After all, it seems that Bollywood is not writing scripts of its own, at least with hit films like Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha.


***Yeuta arko nakkal!
Are you a nep?? well, havent been in blogging thing nepalis ard...

Yeah i have watched both the english and the hindi french-kiss.... hehe... if you noticed, some of the dialogues have been copied as well!!!
Manu said…
Dunno about the rest of the movie dialogues are "copied" - but for the sequences I watched, they appeared to me as English to Hindi translation, like kids do in grade four.

And yep, I'm a Nep

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