the swim, the salt and the sweet

A tiresome day - trip to Ras Sudr and back. Three hours up and three hours down : six hours : in the van and not enough sleep for a few days now. That should have kept me snoring right now. However, tomorrow is a holiday and I can sleep all day. Hm... beautiful thought!

Ras Sudr is a beach village in Red Sea, around 300 km from Cairo. The water is good and clean, even more than the Mediterranean section of Alexandria. However, in Red Sea, the water is salty - more salty than normal. For the first ten minutes it was okay but soon after, the salt started to make its effect wherever water touched the body, e.g. inside the nose, all over the body, etc. That was kinda irritating for the skin and right now I've changed into a reddish complexion, which will take some days to revert back to normal. And my mouth, oh, I can't feel the taste buds! The chocolate I'm eating tastes like corn and the water I'm drinking tastes like cough-syrup! They say, whenever your taste buds are out of order, try taking sweets. Does sweet heal the tongue? I wonder, but this is a perfect timing to find this out!

Chocolates. Anyone?


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