100 mbps for ¥ 4200

Imagine what you would do if you had 100 Mbps of Internet connection in your apartment. For many of us, it would be Online TV, Online Gaming, Movie Download, Online PC Server, Virtual Private Network, and if you are really a programming/techy nerd you'd probably make your own smart connection (as in smart homes) with your own gadgets. Of course I'm not talking about Kathmandu, where even a good dial-up connection is still rare. I am talking about homes in Japan, where the commoners are getting 100 Mbps for as low as $36 per month, which is equivalent to ¥ 4,200. A country where a one-time bus ride takes ¥ 250, a can of Coke takes ¥90 and the taxi meter rises by ¥ 700 for every 200 meters (or at least it used to be, back in '97), I guess that this is really a cheap price tag compared to the offer itself, where the customer can have a unique telephone number served through VoIP. It is just like getting a telephone package for "free" with every purchase of Internet, kind of thing. Well, sort of.

People are obviously benefitting from this service but the Japanese government seems to be having a headache because of the huge traffic in its Internet Exchanges at peak times, due to which the country's Internet backbone is getting strained. And on top of that, the government said - most of the digital contents passing through the Exchanges, are nothing but movies and online TV transmission. This is a decent remark from the authority in charge, but folks, I believe that there is a very efficient way to handle both of these problems at the same time: Why not take benefit of this high speed and devise yet another innovative way of entertainment for the public? After all, Japan has always been innovative in technology - why it should not, this time?


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