april fooling around

JJ is a simple-minded imaginary character. His life is full of adventures; or mis-adventures, perhaps. Here is what happened to him recenlty.

One fine morning found JJ driving his new Toyota. JJ was very happy to be the owner of a Toyota and was singing to himself. Suddenly, he collided with the milkman. The accident caused much damage to the milkman's bicycle and our guy was furious. JJ ran towards him mumbling apologies, but our guy was not pacified. He shouted, "JJ, blood for blood, wreckage for wreckage".

Saying so, he got a stout stick and started hammering on the windshield. JJ was shocked and tried to take the stick from him, requesting him to stop. But the milkman got hold of JJ and pushed him ten meters away from his car. He drew a small circle near the road with the stick and asked JJ to stay inside and not move outside the circle, threatening him for better measure. Now our JJ was not very brave at heart and coolly went to stand in the circle. The milkman goes back to what he had left in the middle and starts on the headlights. After this, he starts on the rearlights. As soon as he breaks the first one, he hears a faint chuckle from JJ. He breaks the other one, now he could distinctly hear JJ laugh.

Enraged, he goes to JJ and asks him why he was laughing. JJ says that it was nothing. He comes backs and resumes his assault on the poor Toyota and as he goes on in this act, JJ's laughs become louder and louder. Furious, the milkman increases his assault , but the laughs keep on increasing rather than decreasing. At last, the milkman can't stop himself. He goes to JJ and taking him by the collar, asks him the reason for laughing. At first JJ says it was nothing, but when the milkman starts getting really rough, JJ breaks down. He says, "If I tell you, you will beat me". The milkman, now very curious, promises not to do anything if JJ tells him. Satisfied about his safety, JJ says, "You know, while you were engaged there, I came out of the circle seventeen times."

Happy April fooling!

Internet giant Google celebrates this year's April Fool's Day in its own way.

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In order to celebrate this year's April Fool, for the lighter side of life, here is The Prank Institute


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