identification for file extension

You are running a P3 machine on 128 MB of RAM and you click that "Beautiful.jpg" sittly idly on the desktop forever. To your annoyance, Photoshop is triggered, and before you get to see the picture, you are already frustated because it is taking forever to load. So much annoying, right?

Similar events have occured to most of us at least once - and we wish there was a better way to open files. FileInfo has a huge (probably the largest) collection of file extensions, the three lettered 'suffixes' that come with every file, separated by a period. (example: Sky.jpg, Report.doc, Fun.ppt, Program.exe, etc.)

As written in FileInfo web site, A file extension, also called a filename extension, is the suffix at the end of a filename, which indicates what kind of file it is. For example, you can tell that the file "computer.jpg" is a JPEG image file, based on the ".jpg" file extension. Similarly, you can tell that "readme.txt" is a text document and "document.doc" is a Microsoft Word document."

This can be helpful in order to assign the right type of program to open a certain type of extension, so that you don't have to wait for Photoshop or Coreldraw to load, just to view an image.


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