ajaxWrite - better online word-processor

Among a plethora of online word-processors, one could choose ajaxWrite for its simplicity of use. As the name suggests, ajaxWrite is a word processor on which you can work online - type your document, print it, save it, share it or download it to your hard drive for reference. Visually, ajaxWrite is similar to Microsoft Word, with integrated capacity to handle most of the document formats.

It is a great software when it comes to user-friendliness, however, there is a downside to it. Users of Internet Explorer browser CANNOT use this free software because it is designed only for Mozilla Firefox browser. Registration is required prior to use.

Apart from ajaxWrite, there are other online software - giving users an impression of an entire Ajax Office Suite containing ajaxWrite, ajaxSketch, ajaxXLS, ajaxPresents and ajaxTunes.


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