know your windows shortcuts

Probably you have played around a lot with the Window key on your keyboard, that small key between the [Alt] and [Ctrl] keys. And you probably love it, because it saves your time. Working with shortcuts not only shows that you are a fashionable user but also that you know your machine well. When your boss tells you to find that particular "Budget.XLS" because he doesn't know its location, you can simply trigger the search box by hitting [Windows] + [F]. There are a lot more [Windows] shortcuts that you could use.
  • [Windows] + [D] = Minimize all windows or show all windows
  • [Windows] + [E] = Open Windows Explorer
  • [Windows] + [F] = Open the Search window
  • [Windows] + [M] = Minimize all windows
  • [Windows] + [R] = Open the Run box
  • [Windows] + [Tab] = Cycle through items on the Taskbar
  • [Windows] + [Shift] + [M] = Undo minimize all windows
  • [Windows] + [Pause/Break] = Open System Properties window
Apart from these Windows default shortcuts, you can create them by yourself by using additional software such as HotKeyz.


aeolus said…
Its good to know about those shortcut keys..even we being regular windows user, apart from few shortcuts, we don't know i think we all will..thanks manu

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