war and peace

...Spartans were taught to be aggressive, Athenians less so. Among Amerindians, Iroquois were aggressive, while Algonquins were less so. Thus, the problem of making more peace and less war amounts to societal restructuring of an environment that promotes peaceful behavior patterns....

So says Sarup, writing for LA chronicles. Read this article here. How I wish Nepali leaders right now read this article. Here I totally agree with her. Says she, "...peace is an essential aspect of human civilization. It allows societies to use existing resources and infrastructure to improve the quality of life instead of destroying them in communal violence."

This article is full of strong views, but what she misses is the point that peace begins from the self. I say, "Once you are willingly ready to accept another individual's freedom to acceptable limits then this will define peace. And for sustained peace, even if the limits are crossed sometimes and violence is on the verge, violence should never be chosen or allowed to interfere in whatever way possible, in order for you to revert back within the limits of the acceptable freedom."


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